Asbestos Removal In The Home

Asbestos was once used in the construction industry on a large-scale due to its strength and physical properties. It was used due to its suitability as a form of insulation because it can resist high temperatures. Unfortunately people were unaware of the toxic hazard and health risks associated with asbestos.  Now as a result many home owners are desperate to remove asbestos from their home.

Asbestos is hazardous.  Asbestos fibres can become easily airborne and enter the lungs.  Asbestos can cause several diseases such as Mesothelioma and Asbestosis. It is not advisable to remove asbestos yourself.  An asbestos removalist has the necessary training to properly remove and dispose of the asbestos.Save


Do Not Try To Remove Asbestos Yourself

Long before asbestos was prohibited; it was widely used in the construction of residential and commercial buildings. Many individuals, corporations, and organizations are facing the situation now, of how to remove asbestos from their homes and place of business. Always use an asbestos removal company to carry out the works.Save


If you have asbestos in your home remember these tips:

  • Don’t Cut It
  • Don’t Drill It
  • Don’t Saw It
  • Don’t Break It
  • Don’t Dump It

Houses built in or renovated before the mid 80’s will most likely contain asbestos. Many home owners carry out simple renovation works like sanding walls to repaint or  carrying out extensions, but unknowingly they are working on asbestos containing materials. 

There are safety requirements that must be adhered to when removing asbestos.  There are also legal requirements.  An asbestos removal company ensures that their personnel who work closely with asbestos are properly trained, qualified and wear the proper safety wear to minimize the level of exposure to asbestos during the removal.

The most common requests we receive are to;

  • Remove asbestos from a house
  • Remove illegally dumped asbestos

If you have received a notice from Council that you have to remove asbestos from your home, you will most likely have to provide an Asbestos Clearance Certificate to prove the works have been done.  If you remove the asbestos yourself, you will be unable to obtain a clearance certificate as the work has not been carried out in accordance with the statutory regulations.

We provide an affordable asbestos removal service to Western Sydney home owners as well as providing an Asbestos Clearance Certificate from a suitably qualified person that is recognised by WorkCover NSW.

Contact us to discuss removing asbestos from your home or workplace.  We specialize in the Western Suburbs, from Liverpool to Penrith, Blacktown to Parramatta and the Camden area.  Save