Removal Of Asbestos In Home

Asbestos was commonly used in the building industry in the 70’s because it was a sturdy material and ideal as fire-proofing and insulation. Unfortunately, studies have found that asbestos cause serious lung diseases like pleural plaques, asbestosis and lung cancer. If you have asbestos in your home you should get it removed. If the asbestos is in a good condition, it is not broken, you should leave it alone. Removal of Asbestos should be carried out as soon as possible if the asbestos is in bad condition; that is if it is in pieces, cracked or broken. Asbestos is usually found in older homes in the house walls, eaves, awnings, gable or garage. It is important to remove it in order to be safe.Save


Here Are Our Guide Lines For Removing Asbestos:

We Always Wear Safety Gear

Whatever the amount of asbestos, safety wear (clothing) is required. This includes disposable overalls, gloves, boots, P2 mask, glasses, sprayer and PVA water solution. Depending on the volume of the asbestos and its condition will determine the extent of what safety wear must be used. In addition, a disposal plan like a toxic waste skip bin should be onsite care of before the work begins.

We Follow Best Industry Practices

We follow WorkCover guidelines for asbestos removal and disposal of waste. This ensures that work is carried out safely and in accordance with the current legislation. When removing asbestos material from a home all the necessary safety measures must be taken. The asbestos must first be dampened with water to reduce the risk of airborne fibre being released into the air as the job progresses.

As industry professionals we follow all recommended best practices.  Finf more info here: WorkCover Information On Asbestos In The Home

Staff Must be Trained

Removing asbestos must be carried out in a specific manner and is best done by professionals. Regardless of DIY removal articles on the internet, asbestos should only be removed by qualified contractors. Do not try to remove it yourself. Do not use a blasting system or any high-pressure machine to clean an asbestos roof as this will spread the fibres which will have the potential to cause harm. If you must use the pressure method to clean the area, be sure to use a low-pressure system.

Correct Asbestos Packing & Storing

When packing the removed asbestos, we use bags and other materials that are made specifically for asbestos waste. The bag should be double-wrapped in a plastic. We take care to make sure that there are no sharp objects or pieces that can puncture the bag and cause the asbestos to become air borne. We seal the waste in the plastic to ensure correct encapsulation. The method of wrapping the waste must be in accordance with the best practice guidelines.

Disposal Of Asbestos Waste

We only dispose of asbestos waste at approved facilities that are designated centres for asbestos. Asbestos is classed as a hazardous waste and not every tipping or recycling facility will accept it.

Removal of asbestos should not be carried out by unlicensed and unqualified people. It is hazardous and can cause life threatening diseases, it needs to be removed correctly and completely. We are experienced in the industry and available for contact 7 days a week.