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Our qualified and experienced team have the expertise and experience necessary to carry residential, commercial and industrial bulk excavation projects with the highest level of success. Each job has it’s own set of risks and hazards, some very small and some significant. In situations where inherent risks are high, experience counts and can make all the difference between a job running smoothly and on time or turning into a complete mess.

Our experience and skill ensures that we effectively handle all situations, even the most challenging.

Sydney West Bulk Excavation Company

At times when carrying out bulk excavation projects, rubbish and materials are found buried within the ground. This is because a previous owner (or someone else) has disposed of the waste in this manner instead of getting rid of it at a waste facility. This is called a latent defect as it was not known at the time the works were planned or commenced, but was discovered during the earth works process.

In this situation we work with you to analyse the following:

  1. The type of materials
  2. The quantity of materials
  3. If there are any hazardous materials
  4. The cost to dispose of the waste

We have worked on many jobs where this has happened and in every instance a fast resolution was found, so that normal works could resume to keep the project completion on track.

We take pride in our customer service and ‘one on one’ working approach with our clients. Our ultimate goal is to complete your job on and on budget and to have a happy customer.We are also proud of the fact that we have helped develop significant areas of Western Sydney and as we drive through these areas we can count off the number of projects that we have worked on.

Our aim is to help you complete your bulk excavation project within your scope so that you can complete the rest of your development as soon as possible.

The construction industry is an important part of NSW economy and we are proud to be a part of it.

Our complete excavation services includes:

  • Excavation; bulk and detailed
  • Earth works
  • Trenching
  • Back filling and Stock piling
  • Rural access roads and Dam re-contouring
  • Site levelling
  • Site preparation and Site Clean up
  • Footings and piers

We will take the time to inspect your plans and specifications and then contact you to arrange an onsite meeting to discuss your job.  We are well established in the construction industry, with many years experience across Western Sydney.

If you need a quote for your upcoming project, please contact us. You can either call us to discuss your project or contact us via email and send your site plans to us.

Our quotes are free and obligation free.