Bulk Excavations & Earthworks Company

We begin all our bulk excavation and earthworks with a detailed analysis and inspection of the planned excavation site to determine whether it has the structural stability to withstand the intended excavation activities.

Excavation may require the use of a lot of raw force, but it can also be considerably delicate. A professional excavation company have to ensure the workers as well as other people and the surrounding environment is not put in danger by the ongoing excavation. That is why none of our excavation tasks take place without a supervisor, and equally important, without the workers wearing the appropriate safety gear.

Our analysis process is repeated before each session of the excavation work, since conditions can change drastically as the excavation is progressing. Our company has worked on commercial, industrial, residential and rural projects and ensures that all our scheduled works involve these important safety precautions without exceptions.

Carrying out the works, as it pertains to engineering, involves moving and processing sections of the earth by manipulating large quantities of soil or rock. The end goal of this work process is to move earth material into a different location in order to create space or expose something buried underneath. Excavation can also be used to shape the land for a unique purpose such as setting up a building.

During or even after excavations ground surfaces can suddenly collapse, which may cause major problems. Additionally, dislodged material can fall on people or equipment. It is also possible for excavation equipment and people can fall off the edges of an excavation. All these risk factors underpin the need to have professionals such as ourselves undertake all your excavation jobs because we have the skills, experience, and insurance to cover the cost of such accidents if they do occur.

Our services are available to commercial, industrial as well as residential clients. More specifically, we carry out the following excavation services within Sydney and Wollongong: site clearing, site levelling, and site preparation, earth moving, trenching, back filling, stock piling, bulk excavation, rural access roads, detailed, excavations, and dam re-countouring.

Other than having all the insurances and certifications required in this line of work, we have been offering quality excavation services for over two decades.

More importantly, we understand the rigorous, but necessary, safety issues that go with this type of work. That said, our services are competitive, which is why you should contact us and get a quote for your proposed works.

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