House Demolition Sydney

Are you looking for a competitive quote for your house demolition in Sydney so that you can build your new dream home? You want a competitive price, but you also want peace of mind that the company you choose is fully insured and WorkCover complaint, so as to avoid complications with Council or your Private Certifier.

For Owner Builders that have very limited or no experince with organizing house demolitions it can be a very stressful time for them trying to plan the works.  Not only do they have to deal with the Council process but they also have to be mindful of their budget.

We can help alleviate your worry as we offer free no obligation quotes and have carred out many jobs in Sydney.  Our Supervisor has many years of trade experience and can answer any issues you have as well as taking care of the job from beginning to end.

We also offer a DA service for home owners in Western Sydney. If you DO NOT have your Council DA for demolition, we can prepare the necessary documentation for you as a separate service.

We also provide swimming pool removal, garage removal, awning removal and driveway removal.

Getting a cleared and level site ready for construction will include the removal of all existing structures including piers and footings and site leveling.

We are trained to identify asbestos and if found during the process and can provide asbestos removal.  We will advise of the best method to monitor, dispose of and document the removal and disposal process, to help you avoid problems and complications. We also provide Asbestos Clearance Certificates which are required when demolishing an older home.

After the demolition works are complete Council will require a copy of your Asbestos Clearance Certificate to finalise the job. Make sure to hire a professional company who can organise this for you.

Engaging a demolition contractor that is not WorkCover compliant or does not follow the correct procedures will cost you time and money.  If a contractor disposes of waste illegally or does not have the necessary paperwork, this will cause YOU issues that could see you experiencing problems with the authorities and your builder before a brick is even laid.

A professional company that meets the requirements of the governing bodies will undertake the works in the correct way and handle all necessary paperwork that will give you a compliant demolition and building ready block. Knocking down your old house and getting your site ready for your new home construction can be a simple and straight forward process.

Do you have an Approval form your Local Council to demolish your property?

NO? …then contact your Local Council now to get the facts on what applications need to be completed.

Here is a complete list of NSW Councils here, you will find your Local Council listing here.

Our company meets all standards of WorkCover NSW and we offer a full service which includes demolishing the dwelling as well as removal and disposal of concrete piers and footings, driveway removal, awning removal and swimming pool removal.

We can also provide all the necessary documentation you will need for your Private Certifier or Local Council so you can get construction ready.  We hold all the required insurances to operate as professional Contractor in NSW.

If you need a contractor who offers competitive rates, we will provide a highly skilled team who will carry out the works in an organized, ‘no fuss’ manner.

The first step in the process is to notify WorkCover of the intended works and get an Approval. Once the approval is given works can commence.

A house demolition must have Council approval and WorkCover approval before any work can commence.

When you hire our team, prior to the works starting, we set up your site with the necessary safety and warning signs, check for any hazards and do a check for the services connected to your site. This will avoid any site issues or potential issues from becoming a real problem.

As trained professionals we follow the best practices and always ensure not to cause any damage to any neighbouring houses or structures and be environment friendly. We follow best industry practices and procedures to ensure your house is demolished as per AS2601 and the Australian Standards.

We offer free no obligation quotes with competitive rates on all our services to the Sydney area.

We aim to complete your job is completed on time and on budget,  which is essential for you to start building your brand new dream home.