House Demo Sydney

A house demo is the first step towards building your brand new home on your land. There are permits that are required before the works start to make sure that your house is built without any issues or delays. First you need to get your building approval from Council. As you are going to build on the site it is essential you speak to your Council about ALL the permits you require or bonds that you have to pay.

If you have already applied for a DA to construct, your home builder may already have your demolition approval from Council. Call them to clarify if this has been done.

If you don’t have approval to demolish, speak to your Local Council about obtaining approval. You will need to complete the application form, obtain all the necessary documents and pay the fees.

Go into your Councils office and speak to the Home Building Department to get all the information. You do not want one oversight (or 1 form!) to delay your construction process.

Note: If you DO NOT have your Council Approval to demolish, we do offer a ‘Done For You’ service (only available for Western Suburbs home owners).  We prepare all Council documents and submit them to Council on your behalf. Creating all the documents yourself is not easy and our ‘Done For You’ service takes this out of your hands and leaves you to focus on planning your new home.  We have worked with all Western Sydney Councils and know what they require.  Our documentation is first class and has never been knocked back from a Council.

When we submit the Council DA for you we will need a site plan that shows the current structures (house/garage/sheds etc.) that are on site. If you do not have a site plan as your house was purchased a long time ago, we can work around this. We have secured many DA approvals for home without a site plan.

Once you have Council Approval to demolish you should then find a professional contractor to commence the demolitions works.

You must find a contractor that is certified by WorkCover, that is fully insured and experienced.

As an industry professional we are insured against any damage to your future neighbour’s property and environment. We are experts and before any works start, we assess your site for any potential hazards. This avoids any unnecessary damage to surrounding houses or complaints from neighbours.

We will provide you with a free no obligation quote. Once the quote is accepted we agree on a start date.

Before works commence we advise WorkCover of the proposed works. By law we have to give them 7 days notice. We complete an application form with all the site details and then the approval is issued to us. We will supply you with a copy of the approval for your records.  Without a WorkCover approval the works cannot commence.

Before works start, we arrange for the site services to be disconnected. Services are Water, Electricity, Gas and Sewer. We also erect fencing and safety signage.  Then the house demo works can commence.

Any delays during the demolition process are usually due to wet weather which makes it difficult for the machine operators to work the machines. We do not operate in dangerous weather conditions or on a water logged site. The other most common delay is when asbestos is found buried on site.

We are trained to identify asbestos and can identify it when we see it.

Quite often asbestos is found buried underneath the ground. This is usually from a previous owner burying it or someone else has illegally dumped and buried the waste. Either way it has to be removed and is the responsibility of the current owner.

Overall a house demo is a simple and straight forward process and we very rarely experience any issues. We have been in the game for a long time and know what we are doing.

We are very pleased that we have helped many home owners knock down their old house so that they could build their new dream home. We would be more than happy to assist you in this process. Please visit this page for more information or use our online email enquiry form to contact us for a quote.