Industrial demolition jobs can be the most complex and intensive types of work in the industry and they are often carried out in work environments that that require the utmost precision. The combination of hazardous working conditions and hazardous materials requires a company that has proven experience in the field.

Our company is fully certified and insured and has over 20 years’ experience in Sydney’s construction industry. If you require an industrial building to be knocked down and the site cleared for re-development purposes you should contact our experienced Supervisor to discuss your job. We have extensive experience and knowledge in site redevelopment.

Assessment and Management

Without the correct planning and management a lot of things could go wrong during the works, and steps must be taken to ensure that everything goes as planned. We have to take into consideration sudden and unexpected wall collapse, injuries from falling objects, fires, disruption of services, vibrations and noises, and so on, which is where experience counts over enthusiasm.

Our expert team are able to determine beforehand how they can conduct the works in order to ensure that the process of removing the waste offsite is safe and time efficient. We are also able to correctly determine in what way a structure or building will be knocked down, particularly in cases where consideration have to be made for other buildings or structures in close proximity or attached to the building that has to be demolished.

We have all the necessary heavy earth moving equipment such as excavators, bob cats and tips trucks, that are required to adequately perform any size of industrial or commercial project, from small single-story structures to multilevel industrial/office blocks.

Our team has both the experience and training that enables them to safely work with a wide range of hazardous materials and with varying site conditions. That is why we are able to safely manage all kinds of environmental and chemical hazards that are associated with industrial demolition projects.

In the over 20 years we have been in the industrial demolition industry, we have been able to safely and successfully carry out all kinds of projects, including factory demolitions, fire damaged demolitions and warehouse demolitions.

Customer Satisfaction

Our expertise in this field is vast and we take pride in our reputation as one of Sydney’s leaders in industrial demolition work. Below are some of the reasons why our clients rank us among the best demo companies in Sydney, Australia.

  • We complete projects on-time and within budget.
  • We provide time and cost saving advice wherever possible.
  • We use a proactive communication approach with our clients.
  • We use environmental friendly demolition practices.
  • We stay within industry guidelines so that we can ensure that there are no liabilities or legal issues.

We can complete any kind of industrial and commercial demo project in line with the regulations of WorkCover NSW and Safe Work Australia. contact us here.